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David's Right Fit Experience

Can you believe the holiday's are right around the corner and it still feels like we just wrapped up the 2013 Summer Raise the Bar Camps. You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive the following email from one of our parents and share it with all of you! I too remember the first day David came to class. He was polite, bright but reluctant and cautious. However, to be honest I knew if given the time, Raise the Bar's individualized structure and professional trainer guidance would provide the challenges that David would enjoy and help him reach his fitness goals! My wish for 2014 - More Raise the Bar opportunities for more children with special needs!

I just want to thank you and your staff one more time for the tremendous progress our son David has made since starting at Right Fit. He has worked with Brad and participated in the Raise the Bar summer camp. We have seen incredible gains in his cardiovascular endurance, his self-confidence, his willingness to try new activities and his perseverance. He was not excited about participating in the camp at the beginning of the summer but by the end he was asking if he could attend again next summer. Now he is participating in his middle school PE program which includes fitness machines and a weekly run day with no complaints.

In the spring he was not able to run the 1K course for Run the Ridge but this fall he was able to run almost the entire 1.2 mile course to finish the Fox Valley Kids' Marathon (with my husband running with him and encouraging him). We were all so proud of him.

Also, I don't know if you are familiar with the Sky Trail at Six Flags, but he enjoys doing that now. He fell on one section one afternoon, and he got back up and crossed it again twice. I don't think he ever would have done that in the past.

We are looking forward to continued gains for him. Thank you for your work with David.

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