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GRAVITY RULES! Our bodies weren't designed for current technology (modern) lifestyle

Reverse Wall Slide

Are you sitting, texting, etc. longer than 30 minutes? If YES create your Posture Action Plan (P.A.P.) today.

Proper posture not only makes us look better, but enables the body to function more efficiently, develop properly and stay stronger in our later years.

People that SIT for long periods of time with knees in a flexed position are going to have tight hamstrings and tight hip flexors. How do I prevent this you ask?

P.A.P. - Alarm rings (no excuse) STOP, take a deep breath inhale, exhale & “Stand Up”
Re- check Standing Posture – head straight, chin parallel to floor, shoulders & hips level, knees and feet forward. When sitting back down, recheck Sit Posture -spine and head are erect and the 3 natural curves are maintained in chair.
• Next time Alarm rings Stand Up and try the attached Reverse Wall Slide

Gravity can exacerbate even the slightest postural imbalance(s)
Rounded Shoulders – increase stress to the upper back and neck – symptoms, headaches, shoulder and neck pain even tingling & arm numbness
Uneven Shoulders – usually indicates muscular imbalance or spinal curvature- headaches, neck, shoulder and elbow injuries
Uneven Hips – Easily leads to muscle compensations and other postural alterations. (Check abnormal shoe wear) muscle strains, foot & ankle injuries

Right Fit Training Specialists are available to assess postures and prescribe exercises to counter nature’s ever present molding force – GRAVITY!

We always enjoy your comments, suggestions and answer to the weekly riddle!  Riddle of the Sphinx- “What is it that walks on four feet in the morning, two at noon, and three at night?”

Improve posture and upper and lower body mobility and flexibility

1) Stride Leg Position, Place both hands on a folded towel at shoulder level.

2) Slowly slide both hands up the wall. Hold stretch position (5-20) seconds.

3) Slowly slide both hands back down the wall and below Start Position, hold (5-20) seconds

4) Bring both hands back to start position. Repeat (2-8) reps. Switch leg stride position.

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