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Hitting Rock Bottom

2012 Brad LaRocque, Intern at Right Fit
2011 Ohio Valley Conference Track & Field Championships

In the following blog, read what Right Fit Intern, Brad LaRocque, writes to senior Nazareth Academy football player Tommy Gray, who recently fractured his fibula. The following letter embodies injury, set- backs, remaining positive, and pushing forward. Read how Brad overcomes injury to his tibia and provides Tommy the tools to overcome hitting rock bottom.
“I am so sorry to hear about your injury, there is never a good time for an injury, but I'd have to say that at least you have a good possibility of being back on the field for the playoffs! You have to think positive throughout this whole process. Your mom says you need some work on the crutches. Believe me it takes some time to get used to. The things I thought of were where ever I would put my 2 legs that’s where I would put my crutches, in whatever position I would put my legs that’s where I would put my crutches. Think of your crutches like your legs and just let it happen! At the start I had trouble not keeping my foot up, I kept thinking that it wasn't hurt, so there would be times where I would step down on the leg, but then I thought of it as a game. The game was to keep my left foot off the ground haha, I know it sounds goofy but that’s how I put it. You got to think kind of goofy when on these crutches. I also crawled around and slid around on my butt to get around as well. To get myself motivated with the crutches to get around and stuff, I thought of it this way, every time I crutch it’s like doing the exercise "dips". So everyone time i crutch I am working my shoulders, triceps and biceps therefore getting huge! Haha I am not a big muscular guy, but after a month on these crutches believe it or not I had some muscle growth going on! Hey I know this is tough, I heard you're one hell of a stud on that football field and the team captain, man that’s great stuff! Just because you’re injured doesn’t mean you can’t be the team captain still, man i know your teammates want to have you around all the time cheering them on getting them pumped up and keeping them focused. Yea you can’t be on the field helping them out, but you’re still a big part of the program. I know when I got one of my bad injuries and was out for months I had a feeling that they didn’t want me around, but they did and loved it! Yea it does stink that this happened to you now during your senior year here, but believe me this will make you stronger. I know you have probably heard that from some people and may have thought "how can this make me stronger, this is BS" but believe me you will come out of this a stronger man mentally just by getting through it and physically by the rehab you will be doing to strengthen everything up better than it has ever been! I've been through my fair share of injuries, my 2 biggest ones were a pelvic stress fracture and now close to a break as you can get to my tibia. We are high level athletes always going and going, its routine for us day in and day out to get out there and get stronger, no matter what exercise we are doing or if it’s a cardio day or strength day, we know it’s going to help us be the best and when we can’t do anything and we can’t even walk now, man it hurts! But here’s how I dealt with it, I started lifting my upper body, doing whatever I could, whatever I wanted, to just to blow off steam, but not make my leg worse. I don't even follow a lifting schedule i just do whatever I feel like each day, maybe it will be an arm day or back day or shoulders, who knows, but just do whatever you feel like whatever makes you happy and blows off the steam for the day. It’s going to be a long slow process you just have to be patient with it. Whatever the doctor told you time wise it could be more or it could be less. I gave myself the returning date of 2 to 3 weeks more than the doctor said just in case. I wish you the best of luck Tommy and hope you can get back out on the football field very soon!”

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