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Karate at Right Fit with Sensei Greg

I started karate in 2003 at 12 years old because I was bullied in middle school. I wanted to learn self defense so I could protect myself against bullies. However, throughout the years of training, tournaments, and teaching, I have learned much more than just self defense. I learned not only confidence and discipline, but to believe in myself.
It is my hope as a special educator to allow students to believe in themselves in order for them to accomplish their own goals. I believe through karate it is possible to teach students valuable life lessons. If you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. For example, it was my goal to become a black belt and through many years of training and dedication I was able to achieve it. I noticed that by setting goals in karate I was also getting in the habit of setting goals in life as well as getting good grades in school. Being enrolled in karate has helped me set personal goals in life and I believe it can truly make a positive impact in anyone's life.
I believe that for students with disabilities, karate can truly help in self determination skills such as self efficacy, decision making, and much more. Karate teaches you to get in the habit of taking control of your life.
Above all, karate is a great exercise for students. It gives a great workout for the student and it is my hope to continue to teach these valuable lessons of karate to students with or without disabilities.

-Sensei Greg

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