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Labels are for Clothes, Not People

Fitness training is a singular experience and essential for youth and adults with physical and mental challenges to enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle. On Friday, July 25th the Right Fit Team (Kyle, Bradley and I) presented Raise the Bar© A Proven Fitness Program for Populations with Autism to members of the National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns. We all agree that autism has multiple conditions, causes and clearly knows NO BOUNDARIES! We must keep in mind that individuals with autism are exceptional and motivated. This is why Raise the Bar©, a fun, success-oriented and play-based intervention provides structure and movement experiences necessary to address the health and fitness obstacles that affect this population (depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease). As the numbers continue to grow (1 in 68 children is now diagnosed with autism), it is absolutely essential to administer programs that meet the many pressing needs of this population. We are excited to share our program and spread our message to as many people as possible. We hope that all of you feel the same way about the importance of fitness for those with disabilities. Don't be distracted by labels. With dedication and persistence, everyone can achieve a fit and active lifestyle!

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