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Live Interview on WDCB FM Public Radio with Dr. Robert Weil and Rick Osbourne: Kids Beating Obesity with Right Fit

Childhood obesity is on the rise. Visit any shopping area, school or restaurant and it’s plain to see that our national statistic stands to be true. Did you know, one in three children are overweight or obese? Here at Right Fit, we take this alarming statistic very seriously. Working with neurotypical children and children with special needs we take many measures to combat this rising statistic. Two programs that Right Fit currently facilitates with intentions of lowering childhood obesity and creating mindful, healthy, and active bodies is Ready Set Go with the ProActive Kids Foundation and the Raise the Bar© Fitness Program for youth, teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Right Fit has partnered up with ProActive Kids, a not-for-profit foundation with a mission of advancing child health and reversing the obesity trend. This is a free program that is recommended to children, by physicians, who are in or above the 85 percentile of their weight class for their age. Right Fit has developed the Ready, Set, Go© curriculum to focus on building muscle, reducing body fat, increasing flexibility, and providing easy take home exercises that can be done anywhere at any time.

Please listen to the following podcast, Kids Beating Obesity(KBO), a new weekly radio show produced by WDCB FM Public Radio. The aim of KBO is to help lead the childhood obesity epidemic past its initial “awareness raising” phase and into the “let’s take action now” phase. Suzanne Gray and myself, Sheena Leedham, discuss how children with special needs, especially those children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, are affected by obesity. We also discuss with Rick Osbourne and Dr. Bob Weil the many components of Raise the Bar and Operation Pull Your Own Weight© Programs. We pledge to share in their crusade to fight childhood obesity.

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