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Piano Playing At Right Fit

It was not too long ago that we made the chief decision to bring a piano into our sensory room here at Right Fit. Our sole purpose of this decision was to be able to incorporate music into the Raise the Bar hour, providing the children a musical outlet to listen and/or create a joyful noise while also increasing fine motor skills.
I can remember the first time Karan and I sat down at the piano together. I questioned, “Would you like to play piano?” He repeated the word piano in a questioning tone and then began to touch the keys. I too began to initiate sound. It was within a minute of playing, that Karan began to mimic the same tune in which I was creating. He continued to echo multiple tunes in a row, astonishingly utilizing both the left and right hand. Although he used but one finger on each hand to create each tune, I was amazed and very pleased that I discovered this special talent that Karan possessed. As a previous piano teacher and student of piano myself, I hardly ever came across children that could hear a song and immediately play effortlessly.
Since then, we have now begun private piano lessons for Karan. His piano lessons currently follow an hour of his strength and fitness class. As his Raise the Bar© schedule becomes complete, his piano lesson schedule soon follows. Lessons now last for approximately 15 minutes. Today, in 15 minutes time we reviewed our schedule, traced our hands on paper to then label each finger by number, labeled middle C on the piano using masking tape and a marker, and learned a new piece using our right hand only while using correct fingering.
Next week, we’ll begin the lesson much as we did today, review the piece that was introduced last week, utilizing our left hand’s role, learn a new piece, and attempt to discover the C scale.
I look forward to see how Karan’s piano skills will evolve and continue to take shape. Stay tuned for updates and progress!

Watch and Listen as Karan plays piano:

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