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ProActive Kids and Right Fit Make A Great Team

ProActive Kids (PAK) and Right Fit Trainers, Kyle Anderson and Steve Gray, were on the Channel 7 news this week! PAK is a comprehensive, inclusive program designed to treat the whole child physically, nutritionally and emotionally. It is built around the stability and commitment of family. Right Fit Sports Fitness Wellness has been working with PAK for over 4 years and designed and implemented the fitness program. In Karen Johnson’s “In Your Neighborhood”, segment, it highlights plenty of children working hard to reach their individual fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition goals. Two children in particular, brothers Hassan and Said Krahwish, have transitioned from PAK to the Right Fit Kids Fit and Fun classes. They can be seen in the news segment working harder than even they knew was possible prior to PAK. They carry the same devotion and motivation from PAK to their exercises at Right Fit. Kyle, their PAK and Right Fit Coach, says that he “can see great improvements in the boys overall health and wellness”. It is always wonderful to see young individuals being “proactive” and in control of their well-being. Please watch the video below to see Hassan, Said and all the children from the Melrose Park ProActive Kids site in action!

Save the date for the next time Proactive Kids and Right Fit team up in a big way:
Run The Ridge 5K Race
May 30th, 2015

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