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Raise the Bar© Partners with A Big Blast Project

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

What an exciting day for A Big Blast students, as we partner with Suzanne M. Gray and her wonderful staff from Right Fit, and begin to learn her Raise the Bar© program.

As the students arrived, they were greeted by Suzanne and myself, partnered up with a buddy, and taken on a tour of the facility. Individual Pec (picture) schedules were provided for both student and buddy, and throughout the hour class, we referred to the schedule each time the bell rang. This helped everyone stay on task, and feel in more control, as they knew what would come next.

As with all great fitness programs, we begin with some basic stretches and this was no exception. We “raised the bar”, did donkey kicks, stretched our arms and legs, and had pressure point rolls on our bodies.

The creativity of the staff to incorporate things that are fun like fencing with swim noodles, tug of war , and running backwards races were also working bilateral coordination, strength and endurance. Kids were taught the beginnings of strength training through light weight lifting chess presses, holding themselves up on a pull up bar and kettle ball squats.

Fine motor skills were worked on at one station, where we stacked cups and played with a miniature pinball machine.
We went outside with our second group, once the rain subsided, and ran, hopped, skipped and got our heart rates up.

As the weather continues to get warm, the goal is to play more outdoor sports, as we have a big field next to the facility.
All in all, everyone left with big smiles and sweat, looking forward to next week’s challenges and seeing their buddies!

Rhonda Penzell

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