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Raise the Bar Campers “Feel the Need for Speed”

Chicagoland Raceway in Downers Grove was an ideal location for our campers to experience slot car fun. Owner, Mike Swiss gave us full use of the track and plenty of race time to improve our driving skills! It wasn’t long until Armando and Alex had 4 wins and everyone else a first place time under 8 seconds. We were not sure what Mike had planned when he asked me to put a very attractive car in the freezer and let our youngest camper Drew be the final race driver. Clearly, you’ll have to go back since Drew completed that same race course with a very aerodynamic car under 3.7 seconds!

Feel free to check out Chicagoland Raceway in Downers Grove to get on the track yourself! This is simply a great place for family, friends and fun!

Suzanne and the Right Fit Team

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