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Right Fit's Amazing Trainers

Highly trained “3C” Right Fit trainers (committed, caring, credentialed) maintain ongoing communication with clients and collaborate and partner with professional and community organizations, businesses and schools. I am proud and obliged to share a few of Right Fit’s proud moments from our clients’ perspectives. I congratulate all professionals who understand the time and organization necessary to achieve results for anybody with physical and mental challenges.

Trainer Ryan Phelps, it’s clear that your regular emails, news alerts and personalized training have a made a huge difference for Brain:

"Throughout the duration of the past six weeks that Brian has been attending individual training sessions with you at Right Fit, I have had several positive reports about Brian from both of his parents as well as his Behavioral Analyst (BCBA). I had been told several times in brief conversations that Brian appeared to be in his best mood in the time surrounding his appointment with you at Right Fit... His caregivers explained that the “best Brian that we get is the Brian we have after Right Fit”. Brian, too, is enthusiastic about the time he spends working with you. The entire support team agrees that, currently, Right Fit is the most important service that Brian is receiving. Not only because they are beginning to believe that overall physical wellness is possible with your advice, but also because being at the program and talking about the program is what Brian most enjoys throughout his week. His mother confided that when his case had initially been presented to my agency they, as a family, felt “up against a wall” and that now because of different supports, including your intervention, they feel as if they “can finally take a breathe.” – Member of Brian’s Support Team

Trainer Bradley LaRocque, whether working with 1 or 20 clients, your enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious! Always a team player.

“Brad, I am so happy for Merwin that he is enjoying fitness and doing well. It was last weekend that my husband and I were complimenting him on how good he is doing this summer, especially when we run with him. He runs a mile without stopping. Last summer we had to plead, please and drag him to run or even play any outdoor games. This year he shows interest in playing tennis, basketball and volleyball. Though running is still not his favorite he comes right away with us as long as we don't make him run more than a mile and none of us can catch up with him except our dog. His biking skills have also improved. We are very pleased with his progress and we think you have really done a wonderful job with him helping him to gain confidence and making fitness fun. Thank you so much. We would have never been able to achieve what you have done. I love Right Fit.” – Merlyn, Right Fit Parent

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