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Service and Motivation Can Make All the Difference

This summer our family (including the Right Fit Family) welcomed Tiger, a mixed hound dog from Moore Animal Control in North Carolina. Tiger’s journey to Chicago wasn't easy. In fact there were times when considering a local adoption would have been the “easier road” for everyone.

As each obstacle presented itself, clear thinking and plans were the only thing that made it possible for this “special” pet to reach his new home. I can still remember my son asking me “Why this dog? What’s so special about him?”

I am sure his name (Tiger) caught my attention along with the way he cuddled and licked everyone in sight with those big brown eyes. Wherever he went, there always seemed to be a little extra joy that followed him and was passed along to those who were fortunate enough to meet, pet and play with Tiger.

Today, Tiger has a new schedule of “service” at Right Fit. He travels to Right Fit each morning to work with teenage boys from a local high school transition program. Along with their other job responsibilities, these teens are in charge of feeding and walking Tiger. Since Tiger’s arrival, one teen is already anxious to come to work and is talking more thanks to the motivation created by his favorite four-legged friend!

Tiger, we’re glad you are here now and in only 4 months your “service” has already changed someone’s life!

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