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Suzanne and Bradley Introduce "Ready Set Move" at the Chicago 2013 Club Industry Conference --Suzanne

Ready Set Move is an innovative fitness and wellness program for youth struggling with weight gain and obesity. Our conference room was filled with an impressive group of positive and enthusiastic professionals. All appeared anxious to learn and share training methods to better prepare children and families to become more active and fit. Bradley's contagious energy made it easy for everyone in attendance to experience Ready Set Moves training methods, instructional materials and motivational techniques. In my opinion, it was a real hands on lecture demonstration that led to this insightful question by Amanda, "Suzanne, how do I know when I am ready to start training this population?" My answer: "Right now simply be prepared, follow your fitness plan, bring your smile, positive energy and motivation."

Personally, I do believe obesity is America's number one epidemic and beside the financial burden, I worry more about the individuals poor physical function and reduced quality of life. The goal to reducing obesity is prevention through play, fun activities and education. I applaud Dr. Robert Weil and Rick Osbourne who have collaborated efforts to prevent and beat obesity. Learn more from leading experts on, click "Kids Beating Obesity"

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