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Suzanne M. Gray and Sheena Leedham Prepare to Present at the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) 21st Annual International Conference

November 30th Right Fit’s owner, Suzanne M. Gray and Sheena Leedham are taking a trip to New Orleans to present at the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) 21st Annual International Conference. Suzanne and Sheena will be giving a presentation titled “The Proper Environment and Power of Play for Autistic Populations” in hope to spread the word on the importance of exercise and play for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Right Fit’s presentation is scheduled on December 1st from 8:30am – 10:00am.

The Medical Fitness Association is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1991 with the mission to foster opportunities for the development and success of fitness centers. Medical Fitness Association is 100% focused on medical fitness, and is the first association to have focused on hospital fitness and wellness. Their goal is to help fitness centers achieve their full potential and help improve the overall health of the communities they serve. The great part of the Medical Fitness Association is that they are the only authentic organization dedicated to the medical fitness difference, integrated products and services as the prescription for better healthcare delivery.

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