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Run the Ridge 5K and 1K Run/Walk is a run, walk started by myself and Right Fit in 2004. The race has served as Burr Ridge's premier race, and continues to grow each year. When I created Run the Ridge in 2004, I had one vision in mind, and that was to make a race for all populations and age groups to compete in with the support of the community for a great cause. Run the Ridge strives to help individuals MOVE PAST OBESITY, and benefits the ProActive Kids Foundation!

To sign up or learn more about "Run the Ridge" please visit our website at

Right-Fit and myself hope to see you there.

How can I improve on my pull-ups you ask?

Fitness Experts agree that Pull-ups are one of the best upper body exercises a person can perform since they target multiple muscles, back, shoulders and arms.

I believe, pull-ups are to your upper body what squats are for the lower body. If you aren't currently doing Pull-ups consider setting a goal to start Pull-ups this month.

A Right Fit Training Specialist can make any necessary modifications and also teach you to use resistance bands. Have you noticed the colorful resistance bands hanging from Right Fit's power rack? The thicker the band the more assistance in working on your over-hand and under-hand pull-up.

A Training Specialist and the bands will help you maintain body control, proper form and posture. Always warm up with grip exercises, chart your progress and before you know it, you'll reach your Pull-up goal!

We look forward to your comments and suggestions

World Autism Awareness Day 2017

Right-Fit: Raise the Bar DVD

The ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2017. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day. We work with kids with autism from Willowbrook, LaGrange and all the surrounding suburbs; working with them to get them in shape for their fitness needs.

If you are interested in our workout plan below is a link to purchase our fitness DVD online.

Raise the Bar DVD

Right-Fit Specialists are here to HELP!

Any exercise can become “dangerous” if taught or practiced incorrectly. If you train on your own or with a group be sure to have a fitness professional observe you in action. Our Fitness Specialist make corrections, modifications and additions based on your fitness goals.

You’ll stay on track if your exercise routine includes a focus on

1. Full Range of motion
2. Relaxed breathing
3. Proper movement technique

Below are two popular exercises in the Right-Fit program. If these exercises are not preformed properly with good body mechanics then problems or injuries can occur.

Full Squats – stress on patella, tendon, ACL, MCL, low back& shoulders

Straight Leg Lifts – stress on lower back

Right Fit Training Specialists “CAN” make posture and movement adjustments so these exercises don’t add strain to the hip, lower back, etc.


How many T.V. commercials and magazine ads promise weight loss as the main benefit of exercise? What if exercise not only helped you lose weight, but also raised your self-esteem?

It seems like only yesterday when I had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Wynn F. Updyke at Indiana University 3 year study of Physical Fitness, Self Esteem and Academic Achievement of Elementary Inner City School Children. I was convinced based on my own experiences that higher levels of self-esteem could be a result of increased exercise and personal fitness.

Self-esteem means "appreciating one's own self-worth and importance, having the character to be accountable for self, and acting responsibly toward others."

Years later my team and I are wrapping up a model fitness program for SOS Village in Chicago. I am surprised and deeply disappointed to discover that most of our participants still face the same fitness and health risks that I encountered with Dr. Updyke’s research.
Measurements revealed high body fat, weak grip strength, hydration levels below normal, poor endurance and decreased strength.


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