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Raise the Bar©

Right Fit Presents "Ready Set Move" at AAHPERD Convention in St. Louis

On April 2-3rd Suzanne, Bradley, Linnea and Patrick traveled to St. Louis, MO for this year's national health and physical education convention to present the Ready Set Move Program. Ready Set Move is an innovative fitness and wellness program for youth and families struggling with weight gain and obesity. With the state of the art video editing of Bethany McGibbon, and the upbeat lyrics of Pharrell Williams' "Happy," waves of people flocked in our conference room to see what all the excitement was about. Creative and fun icebreaker activities got the audience moving early and hooked on the "power" of music as a motivator and the energy lasted the whole hour. This fun, energetic and motivating lecture demonstrated many techniques and attitudes needed to reverse what has quickly become one of America's biggest epidemics: obesity. This problem is growing rapidly and requires our undivided attention. The Right Fit team is forging ahead and hopes to create a DVD in the near future that will benefit many around the globe! The sky is the limit with this group!

Surprise Testimonial

A testimonial is a statement endorsing character, value, etc.; public acknowledgement to show respect or appreciation. Each day at Right Fit my belief and commitment to physical fitness is renewed as I observe, listen and share with clients and friends personal fitness and wellness experiences. Truly, I can't imagine a better gift than to open an unexpected letter about a team of people who truly "try daily" to make a difference. As a proud parent, coach and member of the Right Fit Team I have the privilege to share with all of you this experience! As a team we "CAN" provide hope, joy, "touch" lives and move mountains! There are NO CANT's at Right Fit.

READY SET MOVE! Fitness Program for Youth Struggling with Obesity

Suzanne will be speaking on Thursday, April 3rd, 2013 from 11:45AM -12:45PM in St. Louis, MO at the 2014 AAHPERD National Convention & Expo.

Obesity and problems with being overweight are growing concerns in our society. For many children, playing with others may be difficult because of issues with weight and body image. This energetic presentation will review strategies and appropriate exercises and games along with nutritional and lifestyle check-ins for families to work together as a team. We will discuss opportunities to change habits, and take charge of their lifestyle choices, as well as examine assessment protocols and discuss reward systems to encourage motivation and enhance self-confidence.

Do You Believe in Holiday Magic?

Whether or not you believe in Santa Claus (also known as Saint Nicholas), I felt happiness and became teary-eyed when this special man (and dad) entered Right Fit this past weekend. During Santa’s brief visit, joy, hope and belief were all contagious and felt by everyone present. The holiday season truly brings out the child in all of us. I do believe in the “magic” of hope, love, faith and dreams! I hope all of you wake up to the "magic" that the holidays can provide our children, both young and old. Best wishes to all of you and your families, as well as a life full of many magical moments. --Suzanne

Right Fit Presents

I would like to acknowledge all those who attended the Autism and Special Needs Seminar at Moraine Valley Community College on November 16th. It was truly a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved. We always enjoy meeting others who are just as determined as we are to help individuals with special needs. Right Fit was very proud to participate in the seminar with a booth (staffed by Maureen Kiley Rhode) and a speaker, our own Eric Stone, CSCS, USAW, Director of Sports Performance.

If you attended Right Fit's presentation, you were able to learn about the benefits of strength and conditioning, specifically a class called "The Slider©" which is part of the nationally recognized Raise the Bar© fitness and wellness program. Eric discussed a typical class setup along with the benefits of the program for those on the autism spectrum. Base strength and conditioning is important for all individuals and it is important to understand how one can benefit from this type of training.


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