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Raise the Bar©

David's Right Fit Experience

Can you believe the holiday's are right around the corner and it still feels like we just wrapped up the 2013 Summer Raise the Bar Camps. You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive the following email from one of our parents and share it with all of you! I too remember the first day David came to class. He was polite, bright but reluctant and cautious. However, to be honest I knew if given the time, Raise the Bar's individualized structure and professional trainer guidance would provide the challenges that David would enjoy and help him reach his fitness goals! My wish for 2014 - More Raise the Bar opportunities for more children with special needs!

Raise the Bar Campers “Feel the Need for Speed”

Chicagoland Raceway in Downers Grove was an ideal location for our campers to experience slot car fun. Owner, Mike Swiss gave us full use of the track and plenty of race time to improve our driving skills! It wasn’t long until Armando and Alex had 4 wins and everyone else a first place time under 8 seconds. We were not sure what Mike had planned when he asked me to put a very attractive car in the freezer and let our youngest camper Drew be the final race driver. Clearly, you’ll have to go back since Drew completed that same race course with a very aerodynamic car under 3.7 seconds!

Feel free to check out Chicagoland Raceway in Downers Grove to get on the track yourself! This is simply a great place for family, friends and fun!

Suzanne and the Right Fit Team

Raise the Bar© - A Fitness & Wellness Camp for Youth with Autism & Special Needs

Each year the Raise the Bar Summer Camp just seems to get better and better… although this year truly has to go down as one of the best! We’re at the halfway point and each day that I observe Right Fit’s trainers in action, it is truly amazing what they accomplish with fun, play, patience and flexibility. There are “no can’ts” at Right Fit, only genuine acceptance, realistic expectations and amazing teamwork between trainers, campers and the daily fitness schedule. It would be unfair not to mention and thank all of our Right Fit families who support our efforts and beliefs that physical fitness is essential to achieve a strong healthy body and mind (not to mention you feel great after carefully designed 2.5 hour workouts). I invite you to enjoy the photos from the first four weeks of the Raise the Bar Summer Camp 2013. I can’t begin to find words to describe all the memorable moments. Here’s what I know for sure… it only takes one special moment to overcome obstacles like fear and confusion AND replace them with trust and confidence

Gross Motor Skills and Autism --Sandra Hubbard

Kids who have autism tend to have deficiencies in both fine and gross motor skill. Research has shown that speech, social, and motor skills are all interrelated, therefore working on gross motor skills can help to improve all of these areas. Repetition is a great way to work on these skills and consistency is a crucial part of it. So if you, the parent, are working with your child on specific skills make sure you communicate with others such as: teachers, therapists, and others who may be able to provide activities that can also help your child reach his/her goals. This will benefit your child by enabling him to better relate to his/her peers because of their improved motor ability.

‘Run the Ridge 5K’ benefits kids struggling with obesity --Suzanne Gray

Last month, Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness organized the 9th annual Run the Ridge 5K run/walk at County Line Square in Burr Ridge. Every year, the beneficiaries have been nonprofit organizations chosen because of their presence and work with special needs populations. This year, the 5K committee chose ProActive Kids Foundation, devoted to helping youth and their families who struggle with obesity. ProActive Kids, along with Right Fit, strive to improve the overall health of youth through changes in both exercise and dietary habits. Youth obesity is such a prevalent issue in today’s society. With the increase in sedentary screen time activities, video games and television, youths rarely receive the amount of daily physical activity that their growing minds and bodies require. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2010 more than a third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese. Right Fit and PAK have partnered to provide these youth struggling with obesity opportunities to become physically active in a safe, friendly and fun environment.


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