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Believe What You See --Suzanne

As we finalize plans to attend the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) Conference in Orlando, Florida and present Strength Conditioning for Individuals with Intellectual, Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities, I remember the first discussions our trainers and friends had about designing a piece of fitness equipment that would make specific strength and cardio exercises easier to perform for clients with disabilities. Eventually, the ideas and dreams created a real sense of urgency to customize a piece of equipment for just that purpose. This led us to work with my brother-in-law, an engineer and a welder by trade, who put all the pieces together in his backyard garage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once completed, we officially named this piece of equipment The Slider to recognize its basic functional feature of sliding across the floor. What could be more perfect than inventing this unique piece of iron and steel in the hometown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and former headquarters of U.S. Steel? The Slider continues to be a topic of proud conversation at Right Fit with our clients and staff.

Suzanne and Bradley Introduce "Ready Set Move" at the Chicago 2013 Club Industry Conference --Suzanne

Ready Set Move is an innovative fitness and wellness program for youth struggling with weight gain and obesity. Our conference room was filled with an impressive group of positive and enthusiastic professionals. All appeared anxious to learn and share training methods to better prepare children and families to become more active and fit. Bradley's contagious energy made it easy for everyone in attendance to experience Ready Set Moves training methods, instructional materials and motivational techniques. In my opinion, it was a real hands on lecture demonstration that led to this insightful question by Amanda, "Suzanne, how do I know when I am ready to start training this population?" My answer: "Right now simply be prepared, follow your fitness plan, bring your smile, positive energy and motivation."

READY SET MOVE! Fitness Program for Youth Struggling with Obesity

Suzanne will be speaking on Thursday, April 3rd, 2013 from 11:45AM -12:45PM in St. Louis, MO at the 2014 AAHPERD National Convention & Expo.

Obesity and problems with being overweight are growing concerns in our society. For many children, playing with others may be difficult because of issues with weight and body image. This energetic presentation will review strategies and appropriate exercises and games along with nutritional and lifestyle check-ins for families to work together as a team. We will discuss opportunities to change habits, and take charge of their lifestyle choices, as well as examine assessment protocols and discuss reward systems to encourage motivation and enhance self-confidence.

David's Right Fit Experience

Can you believe the holiday's are right around the corner and it still feels like we just wrapped up the 2013 Summer Raise the Bar Camps. You can imagine how thrilled I was to receive the following email from one of our parents and share it with all of you! I too remember the first day David came to class. He was polite, bright but reluctant and cautious. However, to be honest I knew if given the time, Raise the Bar's individualized structure and professional trainer guidance would provide the challenges that David would enjoy and help him reach his fitness goals! My wish for 2014 - More Raise the Bar opportunities for more children with special needs!

Raise the Bar Campers “Feel the Need for Speed”

Chicagoland Raceway in Downers Grove was an ideal location for our campers to experience slot car fun. Owner, Mike Swiss gave us full use of the track and plenty of race time to improve our driving skills! It wasn’t long until Armando and Alex had 4 wins and everyone else a first place time under 8 seconds. We were not sure what Mike had planned when he asked me to put a very attractive car in the freezer and let our youngest camper Drew be the final race driver. Clearly, you’ll have to go back since Drew completed that same race course with a very aerodynamic car under 3.7 seconds!

Feel free to check out Chicagoland Raceway in Downers Grove to get on the track yourself! This is simply a great place for family, friends and fun!

Suzanne and the Right Fit Team


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