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Raise the Bar©

Suzanne M. Gray and Sheena Leedham Prepare to Present at the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) 21st Annual International Conference

November 30th Right Fit’s owner, Suzanne M. Gray and Sheena Leedham are taking a trip to New Orleans to present at the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) 21st Annual International Conference. Suzanne and Sheena will be giving a presentation titled “The Proper Environment and Power of Play for Autistic Populations” in hope to spread the word on the importance of exercise and play for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Right Fit’s presentation is scheduled on December 1st from 8:30am – 10:00am.

Live Interview on WDCB FM Public Radio with Dr. Robert Weil and Rick Osbourne: Kids Beating Obesity with Right Fit

Childhood obesity is on the rise. Visit any shopping area, school or restaurant and it’s plain to see that our national statistic stands to be true. Did you know, one in three children are overweight or obese? Here at Right Fit, we take this alarming statistic very seriously. Working with neurotypical children and children with special needs we take many measures to combat this rising statistic. Two programs that Right Fit currently facilitates with intentions of lowering childhood obesity and creating mindful, healthy, and active bodies is Ready Set Go with the ProActive Kids Foundation and the Raise the Bar© Fitness Program for youth, teens and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Hitting Rock Bottom

2012 Brad LaRocque, Intern at Right Fit

In the following blog, read what Right Fit Intern, Brad LaRocque, writes to senior Nazareth Academy football player Tommy Gray, who recently fractured his fibula. The following letter embodies injury, set- backs, remaining positive, and pushing forward. Read how Brad overcomes injury to his tibia and provides Tommy the tools to overcome hitting rock bottom.

"DREAMS….If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT” Walt Disney

Right Fit Sport Wellness opened its doors committed to providing fitness and sports programs to youth and adults with or without special needs. Our fitness trainers use play as a tool to address the child’s needs and implement the individualized exercise program with structure and control. February 23, 2010 Leslie Murphy and Christine Ekis invited me to attend a meeting with a group of professionals dedicated to helping children with Special Needs achieve their goals through sharing of information and professional development. For any of us working with children it is important to collaborate with other professionals in order to best meet their many needs. August, 2012 Child and Adolescent Resource Network was officially launched! I am proud to be a part of this group and invite everybody to please become a part of this amazing effort. Imagine the obstacles we can overcome if we work together!

Suzanne M. Gray

Karate at Right Fit with Sensei Greg

I started karate in 2003 at 12 years old because I was bullied in middle school. I wanted to learn self defense so I could protect myself against bullies. However, throughout the years of training, tournaments, and teaching, I have learned much more than just self defense. I learned not only confidence and discipline, but to believe in myself.
It is my hope as a special educator to allow students to believe in themselves in order for them to accomplish their own goals. I believe through karate it is possible to teach students valuable life lessons. If you set your mind to something, you can achieve it. For example, it was my goal to become a black belt and through many years of training and dedication I was able to achieve it. I noticed that by setting goals in karate I was also getting in the habit of setting goals in life as well as getting good grades in school. Being enrolled in karate has helped me set personal goals in life and I believe it can truly make a positive impact in anyone's life.


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