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Raise the Bar©

Clarendon Hills girl finds good fit with Right-Fit program

Click on the link below to read how Courtney McClear is a good fit at Right Fit!

Emphasize the PLAY in (P)hysica(L) (A)ctivit(Y)

I often encourage parents, trainers, and coaches to look back and remember how much fun came from the countless hours many of us spent playing in our backyards, parks and physical education classes. Did you ever realize how this helped us develop basic movement fundamentals? I bet you were having too much fun to even notice! Take a look at youth today and compare how much "play" many of them get to experience.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I invite you to enjoy these photos of youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders enjoying fitness activities during the Raise the Bar Fitness Class. At Right Fit, we believe in the solid prinicple "A sound mind is a sound body." -Suzanne

Piano Playing At Right Fit

It was not too long ago that we made the chief decision to bring a piano into our sensory room here at Right Fit. Our sole purpose of this decision was to be able to incorporate music into the Raise the Bar hour, providing the children a musical outlet to listen and/or create a joyful noise while also increasing fine motor skills.
I can remember the first time Karan and I sat down at the piano together. I questioned, “Would you like to play piano?” He repeated the word piano in a questioning tone and then began to touch the keys. I too began to initiate sound. It was within a minute of playing, that Karan began to mimic the same tune in which I was creating. He continued to echo multiple tunes in a row, astonishingly utilizing both the left and right hand. Although he used but one finger on each hand to create each tune, I was amazed and very pleased that I discovered this special talent that Karan possessed. As a previous piano teacher and student of piano myself, I hardly ever came across children that could hear a song and immediately play effortlessly.

The Sports Doctor Radio Show--Interview with Suzanne M. Gray

Right Fit Facility

Suzanne Gray of Right Fit and Joe Bresingham of Athletico were interviewed by Dr. Robert Weil on the Sports Doctor Radio Show - WDCB 90.9 FM. The show takes place every Thursday from 6:30p.m. – 7:00p.m.

Following the link below, you’ll be able to listen to the interview live:

Topics discussed include:
• Suzanne’s journey within the fitness industry
• How the Raise the Bar© Program became created and it’s purpose
• How Right Fit is an inclusive facility which caters to the needs of multiple populations
• And more!
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Don’t Become Another Statistic.

Childhood obesity is on the rise. Visit any shopping area, school or restaurant and it’s plain to see that our national statistic stands to be true. Yes, the statistic that states, one in three children are overweight or obese. What’s most alarming is children learn from what is modeled to them. The actions of parents, siblings, and media mirror the decisions our children make. As a society that lures more to plant and secure happiness and contentedness, this same notion is being applied to our eating demands. As a double whammy this same logic is being applied to our yearn for technology, which in most cases, leaves us immobile, with no ability to efficiently burn the excess calories consumed. It’s a cycle that continues to increase the fat percentage of our children and adults alike.


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