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Sheena Leedham

Moving Steel at Right Fit

Sunday, December 9th 2012, the APF/AAPF Raw Power Competition was held at Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Spectators enjoyed this local sports event, watching male and female powerlifters of all ages, shapes and sizes. It was no surprise Right Fit Coach Eric Stone entered two teen age clients with special needs to set personal records in the Bench Press! We were equally amazed at the power, grace, and strength of beautiful Dawn Maroscher, from Monster Garage Gym. What a role model for every BODY especially women!
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Although we don’t hold weekly powerlifting meets, it’s definitely the “right” sport that complements everything we hope to achieve at our inclusive facility! In fact, we’re now offering a new class called Push the Slider for youth with autism and special physical challenges. Push the Slider was designed to develop strength and endurance while pushing this mighty piece of equipment along the turf.

Medical Fitness Association Conference Wrap-up

On November 30th Right Fit’s owner, Suzanne M. Gray and special needs fitness director, Sheena Leedham, took a trip to New Orleans to present at the Medical Fitness Association (MFA) 21st Annual International Conference. Suzanne and Sheena gave a presentation titled “The Proper Environment and Power of Play for Autistic Populations” in hope to spread the word on the importance of exercise and play for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. “Our audience enjoyed the content and really wanted information to improve their fitness efforts when dealing with these populations in the schools, community centers and hospital wellness programs.”
Check out some pictures of their trip. In addition to having a successful presentation, you’ll notice they enjoyed delicious food and perfect weather in the beautiful and charming city of New Orleans.

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